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Lesson #10: Don’t Autobid

Campaign Structure

Google has several automated bidding options, in which an advertiser can chose to allow AdWords to automatically choose keyword bids in order to maximize clicks or conversions. However, it is advisable not to use autobid, … Read More

Background: What It Means To Bid


Google AdWords, MSN, and Facebook all operate on the same principle: they all take advantage of an auction system. While the amount you bid per click is the maximum amount you are willing to pay, 95% … Read More

Lesson #9: 90% Of The Time, Advertisers Pay Less Than Their Maximum Bid Per Click

Campaign Structure

A bid is the most an advertiser is willing to pay for a click on an ad for a particular search term or on a particular site. 90% of the time, an advertiser will NOT … Read More

Digital Marketing Terms Cheat Sheet


There are a few basic abbreviations that everyone involved in digital marketing should know. Even if you do not run a digital marketing campaign yourself, it is still important to understand this terminology so that … Read More

Background: Networks: The Wide World of Facebook

Background, Networks

Facebook is not a search network. Unlike Google and MSN, it does not have a search component, nor does it have a network of sites on which it shows its ads (content network). Rather, Facebook only … Read More

Running Ads on the Yahoo Network


When it comes to cost-per-click (CPC) display advertising, the two main display networks are the Google Display Network (GDN) and the Yahoo Display Network. When we discussed the two main search networks, Google & MSN, … Read More

Background: Search Networks: Google & MSN

Background, Networks

The two biggest search networks are Google and Microsoft Bing (MSN). There used to be a third big search network, Yahoo, but in 2010, Yahoo and MSN combined their networks, and now, advertising through MSN … Read More

Lesson #8: Do Not Use More Than One Match Type In The Same Ad Group

Campaign Structure, Default

Now that we’ve reviewed the different types of keyword match types, let’s discuss how to use them in practice. To start off, do not use more than one match type in the same ad group. Rather, … Read More

Lesson #7: Do Not Block Relevant Search Queries With Negative Keywords

Campaign Structure

We have discussed the various match types and how to use a search query report to ensure that your ads show up for the appropriate search queries. Before we go much further in our discussion … Read More
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