Case Study

B2B Payments Company

Helping an established company lower its cost per conversion

SITUATION: An established electronic payment company was looking to overhaul their online advertising and reduce cost per conversion.

OBJECTIVE: The company brought in the Digital4Startups team to reduce their cost per conversion to under $100, a decrease of around 33% at the time.

An insight-driven approach to campaign optimization

Current Landscape Assessment

  • 25 Point Audit of Existing Campaigns
  • Existing Channel Metrics
  • Assessment of Existing Resources

Campaign Optimization

  • Added Negative Keywords
  • Paused Irrelevant Campaigns and Keywords
  • Edited Existing Ads
  • Added Calls to Action
  • Landing Page Analysis

Test, Learn, Iterate

  • Run Campaigns
  • Measure Results
  • Iterate Accordingly
  • Reallocate Time and Budget to Best Channels and Best Campaigns

Reduced cost/conversion by 51.5% in 5.5 months

While Delivering Victories

Across the Board

In a four month period:

  • The search campaign CTRs increased 70%, while the CPCs decreased 10%.
  • The overall cost per converted click decreased 51.5%.
  • Conversion rate increased 149.45%.
  • The number of converted clicks in December was 55% higher than the number of converted clicks in August, despite a 12% cost reduction due to the slow holiday weeks.
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