Case Study

New eCommerce Company

Winter 2018-2020

OUR GOAL: A newly-founded lingerie company was looking to establish a place in the market with the launch of their brand via a Shopify store. The main goals of the company were to consistently increase ROI & revenue while lowering CPA.


  • Entering & establishing a presence in a highly competitive market.
  • Creating & maintaining a successful marketing funnel.
  • Growing the brand efficiently & effectively.

We took a multi-pronged, insight-driven approach to brand expansion

Current Landscape Assessment

  • Existing Channel Metrics
  • SEO Audit
  • Market Research


  • Build Paid Campaigns
  • Build Shopping Feed
  • Launch On Paid Channels
  • Landing Page Analysis

Test, Learn,

  • Maintain Paid Campaigns
  • Measure Results
  • Iterate Accordingly
  • Reallocate Time and Budget to Best Channels and Best Campaigns
  • Expand to New Opportunities

Google AdWords Revenue By Campaign Type

Took Revenue from $0 to Nearly $600K Per Month in 18 Months Post-Launch

Google AdWords Non-Brand ROI

With Increasing ROIs, Including Driving Non-Brand Search ROI From <50% To 450% Over 18 Months

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