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Lesson #16: TEST, TEST, TEST!

Campaign Structure

The good digital marketers all know one big secret – they test, test, and test some more. Testing is digital marketing’s largest advantage when it comes to the advertising space. Because the field is quantitatively driven … Read More

Lesson #15: Rotate Ads Evenly (Or Auto-Optimize Ad Rotation)

Campaign Structure

Earlier we discussed how important it is for an advertiser to run more than one ad at a time. But if an advertiser is running 3-5 ads per campaign at a time, how can they … Read More

Background: A Note on Conquesting Keywords

Background, Campaign Structure, Networks

Conquesting Keywords refer to keywords that are competitor’s brand names or terms. Advertising on competitor’s keywords is a very contentious topic in the industry, but here are some words of wisdom: 1. Do NOT expect strong … Read More

Google Product Search To Become Google Shopping


In the eCommerce space? A big search development almost went under the radar on Thursday when Google announced that it would discontinue Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) and turn it into Google Shopping. The new … Read More

Essential Digital Marketing Formulas

Background, Terminology

There aren’t many formulas (this isn’t physics), but the key formulas in digital marketing are absolutely crucial. Here is a quick cheat sheet to five formulas everyone in digital marketing should know: CPC Cost Per Click Cost/Clicks CTR Click-Through Rate Clicks/Impressions Conversion … Read More

Lesson #14: When Possible, Use The Ad Group’s Keywords in Its Ad Copy

Campaign Structure

One of the key factors that determines whether an ad shows up for a particular search query is how relevant the algorithm determines the ad to be to the query. At the same time, by … Read More

Lesson #13: Don’t Forget Plurals

Campaign Structure

In Google AdWords, the plural version of a keyword is not the same as its singular version. As a result, Google counts plurals as separate from singulars in search query reports, when determining which ad … Read More

Lesson #12: Ad Position is a Tool. Use It.

Campaign Structure

Ad Position┬árefers to where exactly your ad shows up in the search results. Generally speaking, in Google there are usually three ads above the organic results, (ad positions 1-3), and then 6 ads or so … Read More

Lesson #11: Use Keywords Your Users Understand

Campaign Structure

You may have a niche site, and it’s fine to have one, but even if you do, be sure to use keywords your users understand. If your audience doesn’t know the vocabulary, isn’t searching for … Read More
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