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Keyword Match Types Explained


Google has four different keyword match types: Broad Match – Ads will show up whenever the user searches the keyword or anything Google deems to be related to the keyword.  ex. shoes -> red shoes, blue shoes, … Read More

Lesson #6: Have More Than One Ad Running At A Time

Campaign Structure

Whether your campaign is running in Facebook, Google AdWords, or Bing Search, whether it’s a display campaign or a search campaign, one rule always applies: always have more than one ad running at a time. If … Read More

Lesson #5: Search Query Reports: A Marketer’s Best Friend

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Whether you want to pull them at the MCC level or through the AdWords interface, nothing is more important in determining the effectiveness of your search marketing program than looking at your account’s search query … Read More

Lesson #4: Don’t Forget To Set Budgets

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AdWords, MSN, and a number of other platforms all contain opportunities for users to set the budgets at both the account level and the daily (or monthly, for MSN) level. Take advantage of these opportunities. … Read More

Background: The Difference Between The Search & Display Networks

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The Search Network and the Display Network are very different from one another, operating with different sets of rules, metrics, and best practices. To understand why each network behaves the way it does, it’s important … Read More

Lesson #3: Make Sure Your Ads Are Only Showing In The Regions That Offer Your Product Or Service

Campaign Structure

Once again, Campaign Settings can make all the difference in your ad campaign’s performance. Today’s lesson focuses on checking the Geographic Settings of your ad campaign. If you do not change the settings of your ads … Read More

Lesson #2: Only Run On Devices Your Website Or Company Supports

Campaign Structure

Once again this lesson centers on campaign settings. What is the goal of your AdWords campaign? On what devices can it be completed? 1. If you do not have a mobile site or if your site … Read More

Lesson #1: Search and Display Campaigns Must Remain Separate

Campaign Structure

In Google AdWords, check your campaign settings (the “Settings” tab). Under “Networks & Devices,” does it say “All” next to Networks?  If so, your campaign is set up to show in both the search and … Read More

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So you have a start-up. Congratulations! What now? Even the best ideas never gain traction if people don’t hear about them. That’s where Digital 4 Startups comes in. Many sites exist to explain digital marketing to … Read More
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