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Lesson #22: Remove All Duplicate Keywords From Search Campaigns!

Campaign Structure, Default

When it comes to search, a keyword should only ever show up once in an account. Having keywords in different places eligible to show ads for the same search query can lead to two key … Read More

Google Releases Mobile App Extensions


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a really exciting announcement from Google. Google has now fully released mobile app extensions as an ad extension option for its mobile ads. Ad extensions are an … Read More

Lesson #21: Bid Rules Are Not Set It And Forget It

Campaign Structure

Yesterday, we discussed bid rules. But while bid rules can carry out a logic indefinitely, they do not regulate themselves. As a result, it is important to keep an eye on bid rules, and actively … Read More

Background: An Introduction to Bid Rules

Background, Terminology

Bid rules¬†are automated rules that an advertiser can put in place to regulate the bidding on a particular keyword. For example, a bid rule could tell the search engine to pause a keyword whenever its … Read More

Lesson #20: Don’t Forget Long Tail Keywords

Campaign Structure, Default

As we continue this week’s foray into keywords, it is important not to forget about long tail keywords. ¬†Long tail keywords are keywords, generally 3-5 words long, that a user would encounter when looking for … Read More

Lesson #19: Never Put More Than One Keyword Type In the Same Ad Group or Campaign

Campaign Structure, Default

Earlier this week, we discussed the four different types of keywords: brand, non-brand/generic, competitive and long-tail. Since long-tail keywords can fall under any of the other three categories though, for today’s discussion, we will only … Read More

Lesson #18: Bidding on Brand Keywords

Campaign Structure

To bid or not to bid? That is the question. Bidding on an advertiser’s own brand keywords is a very contentious topic within the SEM community. However, from every test I’ve seen, bidding on your … Read More

Background: The Four Different Types of Keywords

Background, Terminology

Not only are there a variety of keyword match types, but there are also different types or categories of keywords that are commonly used to help classify the different keywords within an account. Understanding the … Read More

Lesson #17: Send Customers To The Most Relevant Landing Page

Campaign Structure

An advertiser has a beautiful expensive landing page or homepage that shows off the large array of products available on their site. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right page to send paid traffic to. … Read More
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