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John Yedinak, Aging Media Network


“If you’re looking for someone who likes to hustle and make things happen, you have the right person in Reva.” … Read More

Dan Blum, AllCountyGuitars LLC.


“I am a private guitar instructor in New York City and I have been using Digital4startups Inc. for about a year and a half. In that time, I have seen my business grow 30%, … Read More

Happy Birthday Digital4Startups!

Company News

Today is our 2nd birthday! We are thrilled to have been able to do what we do every day for the last two years and are thankful to all of you for coming along for … Read More

We’re Certified!


Digital4Startups is pleased to announce that we have become a Certified Google Partner! … Read More

We’ve Missed You!


And we hope to be able to add more blog posts soon. In the meantime though, please check out DigitalGroundUp for more tips and tricks to improve your digital marketing skills.  They even have a … Read More

Facebook Insights & Analytics Metrics Explained


Sometimes it’s amazing what a Google search won’t yield. With all the changes going on on Facebook, it’s important to understand the definitions of the metrics they provide. Below are the definitions of the metrics … Read More

Update: New-ish Option Changes Google Match Types


Over the last few months, Google has released a new feature that affects the way keyword match types (and therefore the strategy of using match types to organize a campaign) works. In the setting option under … Read More

Lesson #27: Beware Of Keywords With Multiple Meanings

Campaign Structure

Some brand names are fairly common. Others are named after common objects. But unless you’re “the Cheesecake Factory,” many of these brand names may not work well for search. For example, a search for “Sound-Bar,” the … Read More

Lesson #26: Don’t Just Put Everything On Broad Match

Campaign Structure

Ok, I’ll give it to you: broad match has its appeal. No need to worry about plurals or all the various ways a phrase could be created. Lots of impressions and therefore better odds for … Read More
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