Google Marketing Live Shopping Ad Announcements You Should Know About

Google Marketing Live Shopping Ad Announcements You Should Know About

May 21, 2024 was the annual Google Marketing Live event, where the tech giant announced its newest tools, products, and innovations. Below is a list of updated shopping features that the team at D4S believes you should know about. We’ve identified these four key features to make your business thrive in the “Era of AI.”

  1. Loyalty Programs: Loyalty Programs are nothing new, right? If you’re a frequent shopper at a specific store, you can sign up for its rewards program, and in exchange for shopping you may get points, discounts, member-exclusive offers, or even free items. For example, if you’re a part of Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Fanatics rewards program, you’ll receive 10% off on every purchase—whether that’s a scoop of Half Baked in a waffle cone or a Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! milkshake. 

So, how can you take advantage of this new feature on Google? With Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns, you can now curate promotions for members of your rewards program through Google ads, such as highlighting discounts or offering exclusive deals. 

  1. New Smart Bidding Goal: Most of us are familiar with the original smart bidding strategies—Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize conversions, and Maximize conversion value. But, according to 2024 Google Marketing Live, there’s a new kid on the block. 

Google is introducing Profit Optimization to its line of smart bidding strategies. Profit Optimization analyzes a combination of cart-level conversion data and cost of goods sold from the Merchant Center to prioritize profit-driving ad placements. Users will be able to add this strategy to their Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns. 

  1. New Pricing Structure and Coupons: Google continues to innovate its shopping ads by offering new pricing options. For example, Google is offering pricing promotions for new customers. Advertisers can now add promotions for first-time customers in Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns. 

Another way Google is doing this is by offering dynamic sales pricing. According to Google, “Later this year, we’ll roll out an enhancement that lets you automatically update your Shopping ads with optimal prices based on sales from your online store to help you maximize profits and drive more purchases.” 

Lastly, Google will also show ads with coupons. Users can now feature coupons within promotion assets when creating a Performance Max campaign. 

  1. Shopping Ad Creative Updates: Next to loyalty programs, a new smart bidding goal, and coupons, Google is also introducing AI-driven creatives. With Product Studio, advertisers can turn static images into videos incorporating a brand’s unique style, all from one reference photo. 

Another distinctive new feature from Google AI is 3D rotations of footwear. Shortly, customers can see a 360 degree view of shoes on shopping ads. Advertisers just need to provide a couple product pictures to Google and the AI will build a 3D perspective of the footwear. 

We hope you were able to tune into this year’s Google Marketing Live event. If not, you can watch it here

These are four of our big takeaways from the event, but we still have more thoughts. Keep updated on the D4S blog to learn more about our insights and opinions on this year’s Google Marketing Live. 

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