Lesson #20: Don’t Forget Long Tail Keywords

As we continue this week’s foray into keywords, it is important not to forget about long tail keywords. ┬áLong tail keywords are keywords, generally 3-5 words long, that a user would encounter when looking for a more specific query. While “shoes,” or even “red shoes,” are not long tail keywords, “red steve madden pumps” is a long tail term. Why? It contains more words and, due to its specificity, it has less search volume than the broader, high-level keywords.

At the same time though, a user searching for “red steve madden pumps” who is taken to a relevant landing page is far more likely to convert (i.e. buy the pumps) than a user who is searching for “shoes” or “red shoes.” As a result, it is important to always be sure to include long tail terms in an account. Whether those long tail terms are every product number being sold, specific products, or even a specific thing about a topic, including them in an account can lead to higher quality score and a better conversion rate. At the same time, since long tail terms are usually less competitive than their short term counterparts, these terms are cheaper and will likely show the ad in a higher position accordingly.


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