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Lesson #20: Don’t Forget Long Tail Keywords

June 15, 2012
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As we continue this week’s foray into keywords, it is important not to forget about long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are keywords, generally 3-5 words long, that a user would encounter when looking for a more specific query. While “shoes,” or even “red shoes,” are not long tail keywords, “red steve madden pumps” is a long tail term. Why? It contains more words and, due to its specificity, it has less search volume than the broader, high-level keywords.

At the same time though, a user searching for “red steve madden pumps” who is taken to a relevant landing page is far more likely to convert (i.e. buy the pumps) than a user who is searching for “shoes” or “red shoes.” As a result, it is important to always be sure to include long tail terms in an account. Whether those long tail terms are every product number being sold, specific products, or even a specific thing about a topic, including them in an account can lead to higher quality score and a better conversion rate. At the same time, since long tail terms are usually less competitive than their short term counterparts, these terms are cheaper and will likely show the ad in a higher position accordingly.


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Background: The Four Different Types of Keywords

June 11, 2012
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Not only are there a variety of keyword match types, but there are also different types or categories of keywords that are commonly used to help classify the different keywords within an account. Understanding the four different types of keywords will make it much easier to understand and plan the strategy for an account.

The different types of keywords, their definitions, and examples are as follows:

Brand Keywords – Brand keywords are keywords that contain the advertisers brand name (or brand terms, such as a slogan or trademark).

ex. Digital4startups

Non-Brand or Generic Keywords – Non-Brand keywords, also known as Generic keywords, do not contain the company’s brand term in them, nor do they contain the brand name of any other companies. These are generally the higher volume keywords.

ex. Digital marketing, search marketing, learn digital marketing

Conquesting Keywords – Conquesting keywords are keywords that contain a competitors name, product number/model, slogan, or anything else that would be immediately identified as being a competitor’s. More information on conquesting keywords.

ex. Search Engine Land, Google Adwords

Long-Tail Keywords – Long-Tail keywords are keywords containing 3 or more words that are lower volume terms. However, if a user were to search for one of these queries, the content being provided would likely be relevant to them. Long-tail keywords can include keywords for a specific article, media mention, or product. Long-tail keywords can overlap with any of the other keyword types.

ex. different types of keywords, adwords keyword match types, how to learn digital marketing best practices

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