Lesson #6: Have More Than One Ad Running At A Time

Whether your campaign is running in Facebook, Google AdWords, or Bing Search, whether it’s a display campaign or a search campaign, one rule always applies: always have more than one ad running at a time.

If you are only running one version of your ad, you are missing out on one of the best opportunities digital advertising has to offer – the ability to test and optimize your ads while the campaign is still running.

Facebook, Google AdWords, and Bing Search all have settings that enable users to show the best performing ads more often in order to improve the advertiser’s performance. Take advantage of this feature!

The optimal number of ads to have in a campaign is 3-5. This provides enough ads to allow for testing, but not too many ads so that there are no statistically significant results. If your campaign budget is very small (I have a friend who spends $10 a day and another who spends $150 a week), two ads may be enough due to the low amount of traffic to your campaign.

Ad optimization is a complex topic, which we’ll cover in more depth later, but for now, always run more than one ad at a time, and make sure the one that’s performing best (whether it be the highest click through rate or conversion rate) shows up the most often. And don’t forget to pause the low performing ads.

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