We help small and medium sized businesses advertise online efficiently and effectively.

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    From tracking to reporting to on-site analysis to good old data science, we are data-driven.

    Paid Search

    Whether you’re just getting started or want to improve existing campaigns, we can help.

    Content Discovery

    Publish great content? We’ll make sure your desired audience finds it and reads it.

    Social Media

    From strategy to implementation, we’ve helped companies more than double their traffic.


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    Background: Facebook Insights Definitions For Facebook Posts

    Sometimes it’s amazing what a Google search won’t yield. With all the changes going on on Facebook, it’s important to understand the definitions of the metrics they provide. Below are the definitions of the metrics provided when you export data from Facebook Insights at the Facebook post level: Total Reach: Total FB Users who saw […]
    August 20, 2012

    Background: An Introduction to Bid Rules

    Bid rules are automated rules that an advertiser can put in place to regulate the bidding on a particular keyword. For example, a bid rule could tell the search engine to pause a keyword whenever its ROI drops below $1.00 or to increase the bid on a keyword whenever the keyword falls below an average position […]
    June 18, 2012

    Background: The Four Different Types of Keywords

    Not only are there a variety of keyword match types, but there are also different types or categories of keywords that are commonly used to help classify the different keywords within an account. Understanding the four different types of keywords will make it much easier to understand and plan the strategy for an account. The different types […]
    June 11, 2012
  • “If you’re looking for someone who likes to hustle and make things happen, you have the right person in Reva.”
    John Yedinak, Aging Media Network
    “I am a private guitar instructor in New York City and I have been using Digital4startups Inc. for about a year and a half. In that time, I have seen my business grow 30%, primarily due to the increased traffic to my website. In addition to the technical expertise of Reva and her assistants, I […]
    Dan Blum, AllCountyGuitars LLC.
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