Lesson #1: Search and Display Campaigns Must Remain Separate

April 27, 2012
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In Google AdWords, check your campaign settings (the “Settings” tab). Under “Networks & Devices,” does it say “All” next to Networks?  If so, your campaign is set up to show in both the search and display networks. For a search campaign, change your network setting to “Search.” For a display campaign, change your network setting to “Display.” If you want to show up on both the search and display networks, create two campaigns: one for search, one for display.

Correct Search Network Settings

This is what it should look like


The Google Search and Display networks operate very differently from one another. As a result, the best practices for one network are not the same as the best practices in the other. Keeping the two networks in separate campaigns allow you to follow the best practices for each network, increasing your quality score, traffic, and ROI, while decreasing the amount you pay per click.


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